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Evil Election
Muriel Bowser




The test to determine who wants to cheat is easy. They will do whatever they can to destroy what The Commission on Federal Election Reform was a private, bipartisan organization founded in 2004 by former US President Jimmy Carter and James A. Baker, III, to ensure confidence in elections. Defeating these protections and denying transparency are with the intent to subvert the American elections.

Unindicted Co-Conspirators

There is a large amount of unanswered questions regarding January 6th with suppression of exculpatory evidence and a propaganda campaign with lies, a prime example being, "worse than Pearl Harbor" that anyone wishing to know the truth rather than volunteering to be a puppet would be able to identify with very little work. Why was the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol literally a Stalinesque production without the ability to present a challenge to or clarification of what was presented to the public?

Muriel Bowser Letter

Why was Trump's offer of National Guard which was at the maximum readiness within his ability to deploy, awaiting the request from either Congress or the DC Mayor Bowser who turned it down.

Who erected the gallows with the threat to hang VP Pence?

Who planted the bombs at the RNC and DNC and why was the footage altered to an unbelieveable frame rate as well as some of it made not available.

Why was the cellphone data which could be used to identify the bomber the only corrupt batch of data while the rest of it was used to track down protestors including those who did not enter the capitol.

Was Tucker Carlson's interview of the terminated Chief of the Capitol Police Chief the reason for the timing of his termination the morning that it was going to air?

Why was surveillance footage withheld from the public during the January 6th Committee production and later with some of it being exculpatory? The Shaman footage showed a much different fact set than the fabrication of the persecution resulting in his prison sentence.


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