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Subject: Re: RE: A Couple Points

Thanks C1, November 9, 2008

I appreciate the link because I would love to feel like our country was headed for a bright future and I am absolutely hoping to see that happen. I have already written regarding my good feelings about an already proven well operated/capable tech operation. I also heard that Obama will set aside some Presidential orders (not correct term) such as stem cell research. Doctor Dean Edell, who, during Reagans administration said that I hope that he never needs the benefit of that which he has blocked referring to stem cell research. That is the best hope for the left eye problem which I have and I am in favor of stem cell research.

I listened to a show tonight that brings a group together which was also heartening. They said that the picture of Obama's first

I just lost a lot of typing which may be good, but I need to go to bed so that I can continue getting bookwork done instead of falling asleep at my desk like I did late morning. I took a nap and then did very well. I didn't look at my email until I had finished errands and was going to go to bed.

I love both you and C2 very much and my goal in the emails and discussions is:
1. I can better understand our relationship
2. determine if there is something I should review and change or be clear that I am happy with it
3. I can try to create a way in which we as citizens can objectively determine how we think that our country would be best directed. This may be like a spec of sand in the universe, but I want to call out for rational thought in a world that I perceive as detached from reality

I have more liberal people who are very close and good for discussions than I do people who think like me and rationally defend the position. I have quipped that that is because I am a masochist and a masochist is happiest when he being abused. I doubt that we will change our basic philosophy relative to how private enterprise/taxation works, but our goal is the same and if the nation veers off of course it would be nice to be able to deal with it logically and use what little say we have to try to help correct the course.

By the way, your Mom commented on your Quantumish Love/Hate perspective. It feels pretty good to have a philosophical C who looks at how to make life better from within. I just converted my Quantum meditation tapes to a CD this weekend. I have lost my tone on some of the progressive relaxation/focus workouts which we did, but I am heading back that way now. I do the diaphramatic breathing which the hypnotist had me doing at the session.

I need to get my beauty (for my mind) rest. Good night.
I love you very much, Dad

Subject: Re: A Couple Points

Hi C1, November 8, 2008

You won't have to tell me that you were right. It would be totally my pleasure and the reason that I have a checklist is that I will stay tuned on the trip and even acknowledge some of the things which sound very good. It would be my pleasure to say, "I cannot tell you how glad I am that Obama won and your feelings were superior to my analysis." I would take great pleasure in saying that even if he falls a little short of an incredibly good program which would be amazing in two terms. Healthcare is hard to objectively measure because there are several not so obvious variables, but national security, our position in the world, energy, the economy will be fairly obvious and I am looking for encouragement along the way. I would vote for a second term if he does perform to the level which I hope that he does.

I definitely agree with your fear and love point. I believe that we all want as good a life as we can enjoy in an incredible country and to leave it better than when we were here. I also have previously said that my liberal contractor's comment that Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line gave me some insite into something which is a little scary. I can show you many instances of people in love with a movement doing a lot of harm to others. Life is complex and making important decisions based on emotion is scary to me. This refers to the supporters, not to a very brilliant man who knows where he wants to go. I have a fear that people do not appreciate what they have until they Iose it. I have a check list of things which I fear and things which I "hope" get done. I was heartened today while I listened to a tech show and heard some very positive sounding things relative to the new administration. Obama has already created a website, change.gov and it seems like a very good idea from the description. It would be to my detriment to be able to say, "See, I was right and don't blame me because ........!!!!" I would have to be a mental case to revel in my good judgement if Obama fails. II will live under a new administration which will affect the country which I love and for my country's sake, I do hope that I am wrong.

Performance is very important and, unlike the Democrats in congress who worked very hard and consistently to the point that you would have to avoid news totally to not recongnize it, to lose the Iraq war, I have just added two things which have sub categories that would improve my comfort with Obama. I am "hoping" and looking for milestones which measure our course to a better America from my point of view- let's go to a good place together. I would rather measure my progress along a course than set sail and sing songs about how great things are until I get somewhere and hope that it is the right place. I believe that we are in agreement that the government has a lot of room for improvement in the ethics and honesty department. Democrat's refusal to acknowledge that their two years of congressional management of the committees which did not do enough to deal with the impending financial disaster and saying that it was 8 years of failed Bush policy while they were hiding behind a co neglegent Bush for their own gain creates fear in me that the people who supported Obama are deciding emotionally and in denial instead of asking how we can all better take care of our country's future. When a Republican pushes for more regulation and prophisizes financial doom, as the Democrats opposed it, you know that you should at least look at what is being forecast, even from someone who had a history of opposing views from his party. There were a lot of true conservatives who were adament that they would not vote for McCain because he was not a true conservative. I still don't have a good reason why he was chosen. An old saying from my earlier days was clap your hands with shit in one hand and hope in the other and see what you get.

One of the very, very good possibilities which I look forward to is in tech and I look forward to some awesome progress in this area. The Obama campaign was awesome in their use of tech and there are a couple of great possibilities which I have added to my landmarks on the course which I "hope" Obama takes. He is already talking to the people who can make it happen in his administration.

Fear of what a person will do based on his history, especially when he is so well packaged and financed, is rational rather than emotional. Doing whatever we can (conservatives are forming to support the good directions and they will oppose the unsound in the contrary to the conservative opinion directions) to support improving our country's situation in security, economic, social well being is what conservatives want to do. There are some points, especially around the relationship to taxation that the philosophies clash and we will get to see if the new administration can rewrite the lessons of history. My saying that the future is our test is meant very, very literally. If he does kill the economy with taxation (there is feeling that he sufficiently aware of the effect and with people like Buffett around him that his increase taxes will be tempered at the expense of his promises to the voters. That would be much better for the country and he would hopefully be understood for not being able to perform on his promises because it would be detrimental to the country. I would hope that he would enjoy a lot of conservative support for a wise move if he choses to go in that direction. He will be criticized and there will be prophisies of doom if he does not because history has taught us otherwise.

Conservatives find that liberals yell about people's rights as long as those people agree with them and we fear the imposition of deprivation of rights type legislation such as the:
Fairness Docterine
Card Check
Civil Militia

One of the major issues which we have during elections could easily be handled by employing tech to avoid voter fraud. It baffles me why one party or the other wouldn't go on a program to alleviate this issue. The Democrats have previously felt that the Republicans won with voter fraud. If either party truly wanted to solve this problem and prevent it from affecting elections, they would deal with it. The same type of thing puzzles me relative to the FannieMae/FreddieMac debacle which has so damaged our country to the benefit of a few that there should be major attention to how it happened and who is at fault. Neither party called for it during the campaign and that feeds my cynacism as to what the priorities of our government people really are.

We each voted based on our analysis and, while we use a different criteria with equal one vote power, I am only pointing out that I am looking for the best while monitoring to see if I get what I fear. Denial only works until it bites you and then life crashes if you don't deal with the situation. I want to actively watch and work with people who care enough to challenge their views with the hope that reality changes my opinion for the betterment of all of us. I probably wouldn't change my Independent registration, but I definitely would vote for a president who took our country in a better direction with sufficient progress in energy, security, economy and social well being without infringing on the citizen's rights. My hot buttons are the ones which are more easily measured.

I do look forward to telling you, "I am very glad that yours was the right choice."


Hi C1, November 8, 2008

We have plenty of problems created by unethical/crooked government people - private enterprise doesn't have the market cornered on them. That is totally different than well intentioned (???) politicians who do things which do not work. California is a valid example of that unless you know something about our legislature which I missed. My point is that you cannot get more out than you put back into a system, at least so far. The borrow and spend republicans put in borrowed money and the tax and spend Democrats raise taxes to put in additional tax revenues without considering the effect of the tax impact on employers who are not captive to stay in place or maintain the employment level. Remember, "Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden..." I have done the check list because people who truly care about the good of our country will correct their method of analysis if they see that it is faulty and that keeps me honest with myself. That will apply to one of us and and we will know which one when the future becomes our history. We can kick back and see what happens. I will be looking for opportunities under the new administration (not government funded like the HUD Mod 8 program which helped me go broke, but opportunities created by it) as well as keeping doing my thing. It would be best for our country that you are the one who is right in your feelings and my words to my guys, "I don't have to be right, but our job must be right." apply to this situation. My analysis comes from seeing right to work (freedom with a secret vote on unionization) low tax rate states getting the businesses from states like Michigan which are suffering because they did very well until the host died by moving out of the state. I may become more knowledgeable about how to build the country's economy from the bottom up by the time we are done if things go well. I come from not knowing with the checklist to correct my course should I need to do it. Who knows, your father may go to the Democratic party.

I think that the bipartisan thing would be great, but the history of Pelosi and Reed has been very contrary to that possibility. I will be very impressed with Obama's ability to manage if he overcomes the incredibly partisan leaders in congress. Raum Emanual has a reputation for being an enforcer who was once with the IDF. The IDF connection would be comforting to me because that would give Obama a very good inside to the Israeli/Palestinian situation. There are two groups in the US and you are with some very bright people who feel like Obama has the way to go and he is in total control. Congress would not take responsibility for the bailout in spite of the fact that they could pass it without the Republicans. They did not want the responsibility on their heads alone. It makes me very nervous when Bush and the Democratic congress are in bed together, but the sales pitch was that we are in an emergency and this is something which we must due. It looks more like they financed the consolidation of some of the banks than that they helped the little guy out. My cynicism is bipartisan.

The thing which I had not remembered was "Bush derangement syndrome." The conservatives are very strongly against Obama derangement syndrome as a strategy. The consensus seems to be that too many of the current Republicans are not aligned with the core values of the party. Conservatives want to be rid of Stevens because the earmarks and corruption are intolerable and prove that the party deviated from the core values. They got rid of Abramoff to jail. It is time to have true conservatives back in the party. There are some awesome, principaled, younger people in the party and the traditional values went over well in the election, even in places Obama won big. His incredibly well financed, well run, well delivered campaign did not produce a big defeat against an inept campaign with people trying to sabotage Sarah Palin and putting up with the BS level stuff. You heard some humor, but no major focus on the huge money spent on the acceptance speech and the acceptance speech for the party of the little man (the Messiah nickname being the exception), 57 states by Obama, 3 letters in jobs by Biden which had a lot more power for that tact than potato for Quayle. Palin's clothing budget and the gotcha parts of a couple of the interviews being treated the way they were is an example of how inept the party is. They almost helped by not ridiculing the purveyers and comparing gaffes. An anonymous staffer tried that with Palin and the good news is that the consensous among conservatives is to keep Palin and find out and terminate the subversive. The party is very energized about creating the real thing instead of offering a watered down version of a liberal - people should vote for the real thing if they are offered a genuine one and an imitation one. That is what they did.

Feelings are that Obama is very into keeping his position and will stay to the center because he understands that going far left will create a problem for his reelection. That is very good news to conservatives and would make a lot of the fear unwarranted. How he can do that and please his contributors (you will know where the big money came from by who he has to please) is worrisome.

None of what I think matters any more than what you think in affecting the outcome for our country except during elections and if we feed back to our government. Our points to eachother do create focus points for checking our criterias.

Subject: The day after: Lessons Learned

Hi C1, November 6, 2008

Following is one of the people who espouses the conservative philosophy which I think is misrepresented in the media and like many of the conservatives, was not happy with McCain as the choice, but backed him for reasons which I share. If you you recall, one of my points in an early email was the Abramoff prosecutions which affected corrupt Republicans with military contracts being good for the country. I would be hypocritical to suggest that going after the Democrat crooks is good and ask to look the other way with Republican crooks. True conservatives want neither side to take advantage of the trust put in them and there is and has been criticism and frustration for what we don't like about Republicans. Obama's point that pork is insignificant because it was only 2% of the budget is accurate. The thing which bothers us is that it is a plateau of permissiveness which seems to promote an inefficient method of governing the country.

I worked as a civil service worker for the military for around 7 years and it was a necessary job, especially during the Cold War, but it did not produce products or services which create self sufficient employment. You and C2 fulfill very important needs for our country, but you do not produce products or services. This type of employment is very important and necessary overhead expense. My concern is that we keep a fiscally operational relationship between private and public employment so that the country is fiscally sound and everyone has a secure future. The government has tapped the social security fund and that is in jeopardy. Building too big a government and discouraging business expansion scares conservatives because it seems to us that it will eventually become inbalanced and become unstable.

The borrow and spend philosophy promoted by the Bush government agreed to by the Democrats has been criticized by consertives long before this campaign and takes our country in a much worse direction than a more honest and still harmful (in my mind) tax and spend philosophy. I would not be so passionate about this if I did not feel that it will affect the generations to come and our security as a nation. I am a very ineffective business man who will probably benefit from an Obama administration if they go in the direction I fear. I may even be gone before my fears would come true, but like you, I care about my country and its people. As a very good liberal friend of mine said, "We didn't create the poor, we just deal with them differently." and that is true of how we feel our country will go in a better direction.

It's frustrating that it is so challenging to determine the best way for the country, but it is a complex situation with a lot of variables.

C2's point that communism is the best system would be true except for one problem, human nature. That is why I have tried to do an objective check list to take the emotion out of my review of my decision making.

Time to go to work. Thank you for the interaction - my goal is to be conscious about how we choose our way.



This letter was started in November of 2008 and finished in May of 2009

I am writing this letter to my grandchildren and the  future generations
who will inherit the results of what the government chosen in the 2008
Presidential Election are doing.  There are two very different
philosophies which have battled for the control of America’s future.  Both
sides in the general public want What is Good for Our Great Country, I
think.  I have excluded the government intentionally because, as you will
probably see, power and greed often overcome good principles governing.
One side thinks that the conservatives are callus, indifferent to the
plight of the poor person and want to make war and give the rich people
free reign to rip off the regular people.  The other side thinks that the
liberals live in a fantasy land where they want our country to do good and
do things which will make the world like us, regardless of the security
and financial consequences to our country.  Roger Dawson, an Englishman
who taught negotiation, said that the most effective negotiating gambit
against an American is, “What do you think is fair?” because we want to be
good people.  This is usually true against both philosophies.   There has
been a campaign for feel good, regardless of the cost to the country and
future generations, by a very well organized group of people including
foreigners like George Soros who is incredibly effective with his groups.

I will be distributing this letter as widely as I can and invite others to
contribute their perspective because there are a lot of arguments about
FDR solving or FDR prolonging the Great Depression as well as arguments
about education, defense, and other areas critical to our country giving
the following generations a better country than when we got here.  It
appears to me that the current group of people are charging their good
feelings to your account.

This is the view of a conservative who speaks from my perspective and
feels that, Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor from 121-180 AD was
describing a lot of our voters when he said, "The opinion of 10000 men is
of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.”  I realize
that I may be proved wrong if my views were based on invalid beliefs and
analysis.   That is my preference because it would prove that my fears
which scream at me about the obvious to me damage the liberals will do to
our country with the 2006 Democrat majority running congress and 2008
Obama becoming president were wrong.  I also know that my beliefs are
based in my belief that history is our teacher, the future is our test and
you will grade it as you live with the consequences of our actions.  If my
fears are correct, the liberal voters will be proved to have ignored
several indications which seem very obvious indicators to a lot of
conservatives.   I believe it will be criminal in how our country will be
taken   That is the reason that the term “Generational Theft” was used by
John McCain.  Several, not all, on each side look at the other and see an
intelligent person who wants our country to do well and cannot believe
that the other cannot see our side.  This is begun in early February of

The order of my priorities are:
1.    National Security
2.    Economy
3.    Education
4.    Healthcare

They are based upon what, in my mind, is most important for our country.
Our country will not exist if we do not stay strong and protect it.  We
cannot, regardless of our good intentions, afford anything if we do not
have a healthy economy.  Our nation’s existence with a healthy economy is
based upon our citizens being able to make wise decisions and take care of
themselves.  We can do more good for our citizens, our country and the
world if we take care of the first three of these priorities in that

We are not in new times relative to human nature.  The question, “How Long
Do We Have?” may be answered with milestones for us to measure our
progress on a previously traveled path.

About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution
in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University
of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some
2,000 years earlier:

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a
permanent form of government."

"A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover
they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury."

"From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who
promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that
every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is
always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning
of history, has been about 200 years."

"During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the
following sequence:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
3. From courage to liberty;
4. From liberty to abundance;
5. From abundance to complacency;
6. From complacency to apathy;
7. From apathy to dependence;
8. From dependence back into bondage"

Reference regulation pushed by Republicans and opposed by Democrats – this
is a note which requires some backtracking in my previous research on the
evolution of the ACORN and company anti – redlining push and the Democrats
screaming about the health of FANNIEMAE/FREDDIEMAC when the Republicans
pushed for more regulation.”

Bush and the Democrat controlled congress hurried a bailout bill through
with very little debate because “there would be a catastrophic result if
we did not act immediately”.    I am not smart enough to know very much
except that it has funded banks acquiring banks and there are a lot of
complaints about credit not being loosened up to get the economy going.
The Mark to Market rule was reinstituted +_________+ and can make
performing portfolios decrease in value because liquidity requirements
cease to be met.  A novice like me would question why you would force a
financial crisis with this accounting rule if you choose to reimplement it
instead of applying it only to non performing assets.  It seems to me that
the government has created some of the problem which has allowed them to
shove through their wishlist.  We were told that the Stimulus Bill which
will probably be signed on the 16th by Obama had to be passed immediately
because of the catastrophic effect a delay would create.  The Democrats,
in a Democrat only group, put together over 1,000 pages and instead of
giving the 48 hours for public and congressional review promised by the
Administration of Hope and Change, required a vote on it in 10 hours after
handing out hardcopy to the Republicans.  The ethical, transparent,
incredibly effective campaigners using campaigners with what Huckabee
describes as Congressional Relief  Action Program =  CRAP  because it was
a spending wishlist, not a stimulus program and they needed to put it
through quickly so that the apathetic public would forget about it by the
time that the budget comes up for discussion.  It is interesting that this
urgent weekend bill voted on Saturday instead of after reading it through
Sunday and then voting on it, was signed at a ceremony later in the week.
If we are in the major crisis which we were told in order to justify
sneaking this through, a competent government would be creating programs
which can be evaluated by:\\
Bloomberg 40

1.    How many jobs are created
2.    When are these jobs created
3.    How long will these jobs last and what is the source of funding for
them in the future
4.    What will these jobs accomplish

Obama had from November 4, 2008 when he was elected, largely due to the
economic crisis, until January 20, 2009 when he took office to work on
solutions to the economic challenges.  He farmed the bill out to Pelosi,
who educated the world with her speech when she became Speaker of the
House in 2006, “Watch what the Democrats can do now that we control
congress.”  These words made it obvious to even the politically ignorant
that the Democrats were in charge.  Check out the economy from that point
forward.  There was some delay and the feds were already creating the
FreddieMac/FannieMae problems, but congressional records show that four
Democrats received  major money from FannieMae/FreddieMac..  Hopefully,
you will be able to view the video clips of the Democrats railing against
the suggestion that there were problems with FannieMae/FreddieMac and John
McCain’s prediction that if further regulation wasn’t passed, we would
have a financial disaster.   Atypical Republican behavior calling for
increased regulation should have drawn major attention.   
FannieMae/FreddieMac were created for a very good purpose to increase
access to housing.  ACORN did protests and lobbying to increase
accessibility and congress created redlining laws which required lenders
to make loans in marginal areas without accounting for the risk.  I
believe that this push started in the ‘70s and was for a good purpose.
The financial market was able to make major profits and either did not do
the due diligence or they knowingly invested in risky mortgages.

I am ambivalent on the Democrats taking control of the American economy
because the Soros/MoveOn.org campaign has gained so much traction and the
Republican controlled government created a false good economy with “borrow
and spend” which is more devious than the “tax and spend” Democrat
philosophy.  It was an effective bi-partisan effort to give you the
responsibility to pay for our benefits.  The Republican put it on your tab
method makes us feel good now while we charge our benefits now to the
generations to come and the Democrat penalize the people producing goods
and services kills the incentive and takes us toward socialism which has
not worked in other countries.  Newsweek just proclaimed that America is
now socialist.  We realized it was going that way before the 2008 election
and we will now have a chance to see how it progresses before the 2010
elections.  These “Stimulus Programs?” are a combination of the borrow and
spend with the incentive killing taxes coming after this period.  A lot of
this stimulus bill is for spending in 2010 around election time.  It seems
obvious to me that this congress cares more about their power than they do
our country.  Reagan followed Carter with a weakened military and
incredible financial challenges because, while Carter was a bright, caring
man, he dwelt in a real world where fantasies do not create reality.  To
me, the Obama administration looks more like Carter on steroids or FDR
light [I revised the “light” to on steroids at the end of the 100 days]
than it looks like the Lincoln administration.  Some of us believe that we
are selling you into economic slavery and we are trying to change the
course rather than sit back and let the liberals experiment with what
appears to us to be a Hollywood fantasy of the Wonderful World we could
have if we spend rather than the conservative desire to incentivize
private enterprise with a higher percentage of tax cuts and a lower
overall dollar amount.  Obama said that this problem is so great that only
the government can solve it.  We believe that the government receives
money from private enterprise, charges for administering the programs and
gives what is left to the programs which it creates.  Some of these
programs with no incentive for efficiency and will hopefully spur the
growth of business sectors.  The complaint about the Republicans not being
bi-partisan was interesting in that it shows that the Democrats think that
Republicans who were denied access to the formation of the bill should
vote for it without having time to read it or they were obstructionist.
This is one of the things that is scary about this new “transparent”
government we now have.   You can only be bipartisan if you go along with
the Obama group.

It seems that  school voucher programs giving people the right to choose
their child’s education system would be a good way to give future
generations better education at more competitive prices.  We have
increased our cost per student and have not had a proportional increase in
results.  This is an example of the monopoly which educators have and
indicates the danger to our society of government employee unions.  If the
government sets the standards for fairness, why do government employees
who are better off than private enterprise employees need a union.  What
is the goal of the teacher’s union which opposes giving its customer, the
children, a choice of who better educates them.  This is especially true
of the lower income people.

Military spending which creates a need for technically trained/capable
people to develop and produce equipment which maintains peace through
strength helps direct students into technical training programs.  The
military offers a way for people to become educated in a wide variety of
skills.  This is currently unpopular because a segment of  our population
hears their preferred sources of information talk about Abu Gharib, a
terrible mark against America all of the time, but no exposure to the
programs like Gary Sinese and a multitude of others who support the troops
in helping the children and the people of the countries that they are in.
The stories about our soldiers other activities are hidden and not
supported by the liberals.   We could have an opportunity for outreach
with the Peace Corp working with our soldiers to better the lives in other
countries.  This is the reason I like the Flag Test – If you are in the
middle of nowhere and need help, whose flag do you want to see coming
toward you.

We were told that we would have transparency and an ethical government.
If we are getting transparency in government, why would we be told that
money given to people who did not pay taxes are a tax cut.  If it were a
good, justifiable allocation of money, why would the description be

During the elections, the media and campaign groups decried the lack of
vetting for McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin.  The media sent an army to dig
up bad things on Palin and there were several false stories released about
her.  Joe the Plumber asked a question which was of great concern to a lot
of regular people, but he was crucified by the media and campaign groups
for owing $1,000.00 in taxes which he didn’t pay.  After the election the
vetting process (or the feeling that the public was sufficiently
anesthisized to let it go)  when they chose:
1.  Tim Geightener
List of other non taxpaying  administration officials to follow

Why do our congress people and presidents have a guaranteed retirement and
income?  Why don’t we tie their retirement income to the country’s
performance.  If they are knowledgeable and capable of performing their
functions, they would be able to take responsibility for their future by
doing things which are good for the country because they would be
penalized by decreased benefits if the country goes the wrong way.  Let us
make them share the risk and reward for the results of their performance.
The people whose oversight of  Wallstreet and the financial institutions
co-created this financial disaster and then used it to push through a
spending package, a lot of which would not look good under scrutiny,
quickly with the threat of fiscal collapse.  How much of this spending
conforms to Obama’s description of stimulus spending will be temporary,
targeted and timely.
Obama told us, “We will scour the federal budget, line by line, and make
meaningful cuts.”

Vetting issues – Daschle, Geightener, Selise
I have heard two authors interviewed, Amity Schlays – The Forgotten Man
and Woods – Meltdown who analyzed the previous programs and the current
crisis.  They feel that our current actions will exacerbate the current

The February 2009 “Stimulus Bill” was hurried through with no public or
Republican scrutiny until 10 hours before on Friday night.  Obama was in
Chicago and unavailable to sign it until the following week, but it was
rushed through without review and scrutiny.  The bill was to be signed on
Tuesday.  The liberals complained about Bush pushing the war on terror
using fear.  We were not attacked on our soil after 911 and the war on
terror took out several high value al Queda targets.  The Democrats use
fear to rush through what appears to some of us to be a budget proposal
for liberal programs which will spend money to insure that they stay in
power at the cost to America’s future which is going to be your problem.

Tom McClintock had been warning Californian’s for a long time when he was
in state government He said that we could  have saved a lot of money using
Obama’s numbers of 4,000,000 jobs by giving each of them $100,000 instead
of the $200,000 it is going to cost to create the job.  McClintock is
ignoring the fact that the extra $100,000 pays for government employees
which are additional jobs.  You probably will not receive a thank you note
or a kiss for the government overhead expense to support these programs
which do not create on-going productive endeavors.  Abe Lincoln said, “If
you get your backside too close to the fire, you are going to have to sit
on your blisters for awhile.”  Note to me for follow – up:  Put quote on
life of democracy – 200 years
It was “necessary because the politicians in charge of the YouTube clips
of Democrats
Marcus Aurelis was describing a lot of our voters.   George W. Bush was a
borrow and spend, not a conservative, Republican and he and the Democrat
controlled congress ignored our countries financial problems until they
threatened our country.  The performance of Bush and the Republican
majority prior to that time created the opportunity for the Democrats to
gain control.

Roger Dawson, an Englishman, taught a course in the ‘70s about negotiating
gambits from the standpoint of personality types and culture.  In that
course he pointed out that the most effective negotiating tool against an
American is, “What is fair?” because Americans prize fairness.  George
Soros, a Polish born, very wealthy financier, started a campaign using
class warfare which has been embraced by the liberals.  They built their
power by an alliance with the unions which is like an overeater in a house
full of deserts.  The unions support the politician who supports them.
This is very fair and in the best interest of the unions.  The problem is,
as happened in California, the politicians reward the unions ask for and
are rewarded to a point where it is fiscally dangerous and a “tax the
rich” attitude makes it viable for businesses to relocate or close down
which decreases collected revenue.  Other states advertised in California
that they were more business friendly and wanted to reward businesses
moving to their state.  Politicians wooed the voter by programs which were
not self sustaining and were taken to a level that the state could not
support.  Friday, July 6, 2009 was the first Friday of a mandatory furlow
without pay of some state employees because the state was going bankrupt.
We had had a real estate boom and a dotcom boom with an incredible amount
of money flowing into the state treasury.  We would have been one of the
largest economies in the world if we were a separate country and our
liberal government built up its power with fiscally unrealistic programs
which look like they could put us under.

I see an incredibly smooth, well organized president who comes from a
known corrupt machine in a state with unionized, poorly financially
performing economic system.  The Democrats have not yet, but the
conservative fear is that the wife of an executive at Air America, a
failed attempt at liberal talk radio, will introduce the Fairness
Docterine to silence the voice of dissent which the liberals championed
during the Bush era with no restraints on talk which was sometimes
bordering on treason.  They are also wanting to introduce card check,
eliminating the secret ballot for unionization pushed to protect employees
in the early days from greedy business people’s intimidation so that the
employees could vote without fear of retribution.  Card check is an
obvious move to let the unions intimidate the employees and the people who
backed the politicians pushing this position are, in my opinion, complicit
with criminal take over of our productive people and government employees
if this is implemented.  There is also a push to grow public employment
with unionization of the public employees so that the new class of public
employment dependent people will keep the Democrats in power.  This seems
obvious to a lot of us that the Democrats care more about their power than
they do about our country.  This was a claim which we made when Bush
stayed the course with the Democrats yelling to the world that the mideast
is incapable of democratic government, they would never vote, the US
military is broken and a group of terrorists.  These comments by our
government were as effective as our action in Iraq in recruiting
terrorists because, in my eyes, it cheered on the terrorists, telling them
that the 911 Report quote of bin Laden after Mogidishu, Somalia, that al
Queda was dug in for the long haul and America left.  There are two very
different views in how to deal with the economy and terror.  The Obama
administration track record will give you data to analyze the liberal
philosophy.  You can, hopefully, afford the tuition.

The voters who voted for the Democrats had three reasons for their vote
which I can see.  Bush was a borrow and spend , non fiscal conservative,
who with a Democratic majority in his last two years, went from a good
economy with some problems forming and not being addressed.  People who
believed that the Democrats would benefit them at the expense at the high
producing private sector.  The third could be explained by Ziglar employed
++++++ to poll Democrats to produce “How Obama got elected” and it showed
educated people who were informed but not of what was real.  Their
decisions were made on information they received from their sources of
choice.  He was criticized for the study, but no one took up his challenge
to do the same poll with Republicans and he would pay for it if the
results were the same, but not if the results showed a more knowledgeable
voter group.  We had a very similar thing in Los Angeles during a previous
election where the people were taxed with an illegal telephone tax and the
city would be liable for refunds if the tax were taken to court.   The
city campaigned to lower the telephone tax with no information that it was
an illegal tax that the voter was, by a yes vote, legalizing.  It passed
and the city escaped the liability and kept a source of revenue.

Unions started out getting secret ballots so that the greedy employers who
abused the workers to increase profit (serious, not facetious statement)
would not be able to intimidate the workers in voting to unionize.  Unions
were a very beneficial thing for the worker and did well for the country.
There is a human tendency to better oneself regardless of the overall
effect and the unions grew with some of them working for their power and
wealth rather than the workers benefit.  The change in purpose decreased
the benefit to the health of the country’s economy in some cases.

The union alliance with the liberals has evolved into a situation such as
the automotive companies becoming uncompetitive with the automotive
companies in right to work states without the legacy costs created in
union contracts negotiated and agreed to by the company and the union.
The unions then ask for a bailout to keep them in business because they
are failing to compete in an economic downturn which evolved over several
presidencies and came down with Democrat controlled finance committees
railing against proposed,  increased regulation two years prior to the
collapse of FannieMae/FreddieMac.  Money flowed to congress people from
these organizations.    The unions are now pushing for a Card Check
program where they can see how people vote to unionize.  They created the
card check because it gave a voter the right to his vote without
intimidation.  When the unions were losing their power because they were
uncompetitive with private non-union shops, they wanted the ability to
intimidate people into voting for a union.  This is written prior to the
Card Check bill being introduced, but it screams at me of how our country
is going.  A government which is unionized will grows bigger and feeds
upon its host until it kills the productive people because a basic rule of
nature, “You cannot get more out than you put in.” applies and our voter’s
denial of this truth by looking the other way with a government that
supports groups like Acorn in funding bills and has unionized government
workers creates a power structure which does justify class warfare and
raises a very important question.  If the government regulates the private
employer and is benevelolent, why do its employees need a union to
represent them.  The classes which I see and are not discussed by the SOTS
(Sell Out To Soros) group are the government employees who make good money
and have the false impression that they are secure because the government
has an infinite source of money from the private enterprise group whose
productivity supports the government.  That is a part of the problem which
California points out and our country is creating an almost impossible to
correct situation with the direction it has gone.

Teachers unions fought the voucher system because it would cause a
government run endeavor to compete with a private enterprise run endeavor.
Private enterprise must compete on cost and results.  A government
monopoly on education allows the beauracracy to grow bigger regardless of
results and give security to people who don’t perform.  This is a
disincentive to the performers because they see people who do not perform
being kept employeed and rewarded.  Schools are becoming indoctrination
centers to program students what to think, rather than, as my sixth grade
teacher taught me, “Question what you hear and read regardless of the
source because both they and we produce propaganda.”  I have told my
oldest grandson that a teacher who talked about the war in Iraq in the way
I believe should have given both sides and used the subject to teach the
students to think, not promoted his view.  I told him what my sixth grade
teacher told me.  As the inheritors of this country, you must look outside
of your education and experience by studying history so that you can
implement what worked if it is appropriate at the time and eliminating
what does not work.  We will have created a challenge for you and I hope
that you have the American drive and ingenuity to repair what I believe we
will have damaged.

NOTES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE:  Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals method in
campaign of destruction – Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, George Bush, war
in Iraq
Wire tap , Clinton road to 911

Gary Sinese and troop support
Largest African help of any administration

Tax cuts – Reagan and JFK tax cut and increase collected taxes

If people want to do something positive, they could do stuff to help the
troops work with the Iraqis and their children to create a better country
and contribute to a better world

Media promotes the bad things from Iraq like Abu Gharib and negatives, but
no push for the positive which we could  do good in the world and
accomplish good things

I was taught to take pride in my country and feel proud to pledge my
allegiance to it.  That was during a time when we had drills where we got
under our desks and put one arm behind our neck and one across our eyes to
protect us during a Russian nuclear attack.    I later got to see Reagan
peace through strength. and Russia ceasing to control all of the
satellites.  Freedom for a lot of people.

Carter gave Reagan a terrible economy with 21% interest, high inflationa
and high unemployment.
Building the military employs people, trains them, creates a need for
private enterprise to produce goods and services.  The military and
private enterprise income will be spent creating incomes for other private
enterprise providing goods and services creates additional tax revenue
from the jobs resulting from the military spending.  This increases our
national security and maintains our ability to respond to national
disasters and threats to our national security.

SOTS = sell out to Soros have run a class warfare strategy, trying to
employ fraudulent voting, some of which is done with government funding
attempts out of tax money to ACORN, voting rights to felons, bringing
illegal aliens into voting.  They talk about the poor whom they represent
and then we see the most expensive, beyond comparison, inauguration with
600 ? private jets flown in to the inauguration, Wall Street.
In his first news conference he talked about inheriting the problem which
was partially created by ACORN intimidating banks to lend to non qualified
borrowers and working with some congressmen to direct our financial world
to accomplish feel good things.

Generational theft like frog in pot – one package after the other.  Talked
about “do nothing people”and ignored the majority of dissenters who feel
that there is a better way which they proposed

FDRs treasury secretary said htat it did not work      Liberals said that
Japan and FDR plans did not spend enough.  We are putting our nation
further into debt at $3.,000.00 per citizen per $1,000,000,000,000 of
additional programs.

If there is a true desire for the ethical America where everyone has a
right to their vote and to be properly represented, we could generate:
1.  Optical voter registration scans
2.  A requirement that any politician proposing anything be identified and
provide a narrative explaining their reason for it with that item as its
source so that they can be given credit or held accountable.  A summary of
their activities easily available online.

Ethical administration claim
    No lobbyists and we have nothing but lobbyists
    Non tax paying people in his group  -  Geightner thought very highly of,
but did not pay taxes

Conspiracy Diminish pride indoctrinate students sell world order\\

Answer to Huffington Post question leahy go after Bush proposal No one is
above the law, but no problem so far with tax avoiders and money from
failed businesses and lobbyists

Sandy Berger stuffing 911 notes in National Archives down his pants.
Clintons push Road to 911 to delete some of the documentary showing how he
failed to have the foresight to be more aggressive in the war on terror

Stimulus Bill is spending, not stimulus because it fails the test of quick
job creation.  Fail

Tom Daschle – taxes not paid
Geightener – taxes not paid

Media not pointing out the amount of problems with picks
Chicago Machine with Clinton Machine taking over control and the
Democratic majority trying to gain control of census which would allow
manipulation, funding ACORN – the end of liberal control justifies the
illegal actions philosophy – no word yet on voter fraud FBI
investigations.  George Soros may conquer America after all.

Great description of tantrum throwing LaLaLanders who are getting to see
how the real world is.  Criticizing from the sidelines to get your way is
much easier and not tested.  My worry is that there is a delay in response
to the results of actions.  The scary thing is that the response is a
function of the analysis and the philosophy of the responders.  We will
see if the Spoiled Brat leaders will choose to do more of what doesn't
work which won't work and will make it worse or whether they will analyze
and change the direction of their administration.  A government run
heavily by professional, lawyer politicians who are supported in grand
style regardless of their performance is not likely to be as in touch with
the regular people and concerned with our welfare.  They are more
concerned with their power and longevity than the good of the people.
That is why they want to control the census, fund ACORN, implement the
Fairness Docterine and try to build their defense to losing power as they
put our nation down the toilet.  Thanks for the heads up on what this
manual about.  I do need to read it to take your point of make the enemy
live up to their own rules
That's right, Mr. Alinsky has perfected the art of stomping your feet
until you get your way. At least that appears to be his method. It
explains a lot of the 'spoiled brat' revolutions we see today. I am not
saying that there are not any causes without substance. Just a lot that
seem to follow the same recipe. You know, the victim mentality that
surrounds us continuously and the idea that the rest of us are somehow
complicit in someone else's woes.

Enough of that. There are two chapters that comprise the meat of this
book: 'In the Beginning' and 'Tactics'. The chapter on 'Communications' is
somewhat worthy as well. The rest is just a semantic argument that
justifies the authors excesses. We ponder important questions like 'Does
the end justify the means'? Could you believe: of course it does if your
the one involved in the means! There is even a chapter on disseminating
the meaning of certain words like 'power', 'compromise', and 'conflict'.
He even quotes Nietzsche and his 'Tartuffery of words'. Talk about

But all is not lost. The book is actually quite informative and fun to
read. You might even fancy yourself standing up to authority and saying
'No Mr. Mayor, We're not going to take it anymore'. And rules! Yes there
are rules! Like my favorite: 'making the enemy live up to their own
rules'. That one never gets tiring and is the source of endless amusement
for those of us 'in the know'. In fact his list of rules is one of the
most useful parts of the book. And knowing them can help those having to
deal with people like Mr. Alinsky.

The bottom line is that the authors methods can be very useful although
there is no guarantee that someone using them will do so for the common
good. At one point as I read the book I saw myself rating it a 1 star and
then at another, a 5 star. I settled on a compromise at 3 stars. Mr.
Alinsky would be proud. Welcome to the revolution!

Good IT jobs – medical records are a great idea.  Develop a voter
registration/voting/processing in a fraud proof system.  This will allow
us to insure that people are not disenfranchised and that each of us
receives the privilege of one vote rather than undermining the American
right to vote by fraud.

Require reading of Saul Olinsky and +++++ so that children can become
educated voters.

Bush/Paulson/Democrat controlled congress hurried through first bailout
and now the Democrats, in closed meetings, generate 1400 pages and the
congress is given 48 hours to review before a vote.  The hurry is so that
people do not analyze it because it is a spending package and not a

During election, socialism played down.  Newsweek came out with cover
story in February proclaiming that now we are socialists.  Conservatives
continue to ask where socialism has worked.  I acknowledge that it seems
good on paper, but I have worked in low income areas during the Great
Society and saw an obvious failed policy of a past administration which is
what we are now implementing under a new name.

If we care about quality of education, voucher.  Horse designed by
committee cartoon is typical of government.

I sometimes think that we live in alternate universes because we have
    Lunatic Leahy wanting to be sure that the Bush/Cheney group did not do
anything inhumane to terrorists or someone mistakenly captured by having
a truth commission.  There was a lot of concern for terrorist rights
which tried to inhibit the war on terror
    Your world being improved was opposed by
1.    Voucher system allowing children to go to schools provided by other
than teacher’s union publicly controlled schools sothat there would be
competition for quality and cost
2.    Union card check to deny a secret ballot which would allow people to
choose what they felt was best for them and their country
3.    Lawyers welfare act extending statute of limitations

We owe you an explanation for how America became the country which you
inherited.  History was our teacher, the future is our test and you get to
grade it.  I hope that we pass, but I recalled the old saying about
clapping your hands with hope in one hand and excrement in the other –
what do you get?  The new way started out in a very stimulating matter
with the  transition team picking cabinet members and getting press
exposure.  They transitioned through a stimulating inauguration which cost
more than several previous inaugurations together after complaining about
the high cost of the second Bush inauguration.  It was not only
emotionally stimulating for some Americans, but financially stimulating
for the biggest single porta potty event, 600 corporate jets flown into an
airport (it was OK as long as congress wasn’t holding hearings on the
passengers), Obama memento business.  The fantasy gave a lot of people
tingly feelings.

Then, reality set in and the transparent government exposed secret
Pakastani Predator bases and gave 10 hours to read a stimulus in name only
bill after saying that we should have 48 hours

Vetting – Paylen, Joe the Plumber
Richardson, Geightner, Daschle

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,"  --  Rahm Emanuel

Crusaders of Liberal Demagogary  COLD front assault by Saul Olinsky

Villaragosa said, “There are no criminals in Los Angeles, the criminal is
Sensanbrenner in Washington.”  He either thinks that the people will get
into his emotions, not the fact that gangs on the street murder each other
very often and MS 13, one of the world’s most violent gangs, was formed in
Los Angeles by illegal el Salvadorians.   Maybe this method of voter
interaction worked because, in a later election, the public voted to lower
a tax on telephone service.  The interesting point was that the City was
liable for refunding illegally collected taxes.  The voters chose to
legalize the illegal telephone tax previously collected by responding to,
“Vote for a decrease in your telephone tax campaign.”  Apathy has given us
the government that the apathetic deserve.  A lot of us are working on a
way to interact better and to be informed

We have pointed out the deals struck in mutually agreed to negotiations
between automakers and unions.  This is one example of this relationship’s
affect on the economic welfare of the country.  Public unions take this
damage and add a conflict of interest where they get to have a larger say
in the spending of the taxpayer’s money than the people who pay the taxes.
This diminishes the representation of taxed people in conflict of the
early in our history cry, “No taxation without representation.”  The
automakers agreed to carry workers who were not needed for two years at a
high percentage of their pay even though they did not participate in the
production of goods and services.  The unions support the Democrats to the
point where they operate outside of economic reality.  The Golden Goose
got cooked when the fantasy hit reality with other states wooing
competition which cut into the market share of the original automakers and
the financial crisis hit.

CBO congressional budget office has said that the stimulus package will
not provide- - people want to hear the infomercial and not check out its
validity by referring to the non partisan government analyst

1.    Congressional compensation tied to an index which is a function of
governmental success – short term at the cost to the future generations
would come home to penalize the short term performers
2.    Voter ID/tracking in a manner that prevents fraud.  Prevents people who
are not citizens from giving away our country

To Laura Ingrahm on 2/25/09
Your appearance comments are right on.
The difference between Rape and Making Love is salesmanship.

Obama is the salesman lulling America into giving up their economic sell
sufficiency and respect.

Thank you for your advocacy of the real source of self sufficiency and

If we are putting the people’s healthcare on a central computer, what
about voter registration and homeland security being an additional part of

“Not because I believe in government.  I don’t.”  given as he is selling
the biggest budget in the history of America.
People chosen are Bill Richardson under indictment
Tom Daschle whose wife is tied tight with the pharmaceuticals and he
didn’t pay taxes
Tom Geightener head of IRS who didn’t pay taxes

December of 2008
3700 non seasonally adjusted job increase for Louisiana only state with
job increase.  This comes after Katrina under Governor??

OBAMANOMICS – Penalize success and reward failure

Lying to the lemmings

Parasite will kill the host

Government deficit = what % of GDP
Government spending = what % of GDP

Military report showed Pakistan and Mexico
    Could we do more to help Mexico like we have Iraq to deal with making
them a stronger country which would be good for their economy and our
security – drug dealers, illegal alien problem

I wrote several radio people:  OBAMANOMICS – Penalize success and reward

Some of the laws being passed are lawyers running the country creating
opportunities for lawyers.  They should lump them together under the
Lawyers Relief Act.

I think that it would be good to put the government on a performance based
pay schedule including their health and retirement.  Wall Street is not
the only place where failures are rewarded.  The government takes good
care of theirs no matter what they do to our country.

If their retirement benefits varied as a function of the government at the
time's performance, we might have a watchdog group at no additional cost
above the benefits which they receive.

What can we do to hold the preachers of accountability accountable?

Thanks for making my early California mornings enlightening and enjoyable.


President Obama's speech to the troop felt good to me for the most part.
There was one chilling sentence regarding a civilian defense corp to
relieve the military at home.  I saw a YouTube clip of Obama, the
candidate, talking about a civilian defense corp trained and armed to the
level of our military.  Was this sentence a trial balloon to see how it
would go or a subliminal message to get us used to the idea?

How Long Do We Have?

About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution
in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University
of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some
2,000 years earlier:

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a
permanent form of government."

"A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover
they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury."

"From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who
promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that
every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is
always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning
of history, has been about 200 years."

"During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the
following sequence:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
3. From courage to liberty;
4. From liberty to abundance;
5. From abundance to complacency;
6. From complacency to apathy;
7. From apathy to dependence;
8. From dependence back into bondage"

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul,
Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the 2000
Presidential election:

Number of States won by: Gore: 19; Bush: 29
Square miles of land won by: Gore: 580,000; Bush: 2,427,000
Population of counties won by: Gore: 127 million; Bush: 143 million
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Gore: 13.2; Bush: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush won was
mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of this great country.

Gore's territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in
government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government

Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the "complacency
and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some
forty percent of the nation's population already having reached the
"governmental dependency" phase.

If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal
invaders called illegals and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA
in fewer than five years.

Pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake,
knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.


    Ron Kirk

    Tim Geightener

    Sally Gillifer

    Tom Daschle

13 year old author

Obama tries to blame Bush administration for economic woes to mislead
people and get socialism jammed through when the world is in economic
trouble – was Bush that powerful – and the Democrats controlled congress
for the last two years
Michael E. O'Hanlon, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution, a
liberal-centrist policy organization

Thomas Donnelly, a defense policy expert with the conservative American
Enterprise Institute,

The most recent strategy of the administration of George W. Bush,
completed four years ago, added requirements that the military be equipped
to deal with a broad range of missions in addition to war-fighting,
including defeating violent extremists, defending U.S. territory, helping
countries at strategic crossroads and preventing terrorists and
adversaries from obtaining biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.
But Pentagon officials are now asking whether the current reality of Iraq
and Afghanistan really fits any of those models.
International Hearld Tribune Americas 3/15/9 EditionThe most recent
strategy of the administration of George W. Bush, completed four years
ago, added requirements that the military be equipped to deal with a broad
range of missions in addition to war-fighting, including defeating violent
extremists, defending U.S. territory, helping countries at strategic
crossroads and preventing terrorists and adversaries from obtaining
biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.
But Pentagon officials are now asking whether the current reality of Iraq
and Afghanistan really fits any of those models.
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing."
is a cliche because it is so obvious.  Michael Moore said that there is no
terrorist threat and you don't have to be a genius to understand that his
ability to analyze the situation is equivalent to a lot of politically
correct people or he likes to make money of the emotionally stimulated,
gullible who have had too easy a life for too long and they are letting it
be taken away from them like frogs in  a pot brought to a slow boil.  Van
Gogh paid a price for telling the truth about scum and so will the world
if we do not treat the violent ones like cockroaches and exterminate them.
Pay attention or pay the price. Was my comment in Mail On Line News

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