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Sep 2009 Author: Ross Howell Who Is The Racist?
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May 2008 Ross Howell National De-Evolution
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May 2008 Ross Howell How Do We Handle Attacks?
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Apr 19 2006 Ross Howell Al Queda Terrorist Attacks during US Presidential Terms
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Feb 12 2006 Ross Howell Welcome To Facts For Reality
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Who Is The Racist

September 2009

A good friend of mine who differs strongly with me politically told me that the opposition to Obama's programs is racist and I hear the Van Jones resignation with references to racism. I started to look for evidence of racism and that Glenn Beck is viscious and inciteful to see if I had missed what a commenter on the liberal Tom Degan Rant responded to me. I am almost hesitant to send this out because I think that the left has not recognized what has happened. The conservatives have modified Saul Alinsky's Rules by substituting truth for deception and illusion. Michael Moore put out Farenheit 911 which was originally promoted as a documentary and it made it obvious that there was a lack of depth in the presentation which insulted a serious thinker's intelligence. The Truthers came out with documentaries (?) like Loose Change which were well done and plausible from my not-very-knowledgeable standpoint on the subject. I saw both and I was impressed that the later packaging for the message being promoted was substantially less open to ridicule and analysis. I did a blog post on my perspective of why we conservatives are anti Obama agenda and why I am incredulous that the left would deride Rush Limbaugh for saying he wants, "Obama to fail." If you had somebody who was driving an armored car with the nation's total wealth in it toward a cliff, would you cheer him on and run interference or would you try to bring the driver's attention to the fact that he was making good time in the wrong direction. I AM CONCERNED ABOUT HOW GULLIBLE SOME PEOPLE ARE - HOW DO WE SELL EACH OTHER ON PROGRAMS? How could you possibly classify these people as racist? They are conservatives with expertise ranging from law, economics, politics to entertainment and they happen to be black. Thomas, Sowell and Williams are brilliant and expert in their fields. In looking at Glenn Beck's presentations, he has a not so unique style. His antics and facial expressions have been done for quite some time on some other shows. He presents videos and quotes of the people and tells the viewer to "Question boldly." and be peaceful because the Left wants an incident which is proven out by the source of violence at different events. The left has a history of violence from the communists at LA immigration riots, the masked instigators throwing bottles of frozen liquid to incite riots which cost LA millions, college presentations by conservatives where the speech was cancelled due to physical assaults on the speaker. I do not get my news off of TV, but I don't believe that the media shows much of this real world situation. We are non seeing it and hearing about it and the people are realizing that we are responsible for the government which we have. The SEIU ran a full page ad about Governor Schwarzenegger's Broken Promise because they have to be furloughed because the state of California is in a budget crisis. This is an OBVIOUS EXAMPLE of the level of understanding of liberals. Aesop's Fables deal with the issue of killing the golden goose as well as preparing. Rather than having a mutually beneficial relationship which thrives and everyone enjoys something, a parasitic relationship will eventually kill the host. A basic in negotiations is to not kill the benefactor. A B Ross Howell "Our vision is more obstructed by what we think we know than by our lack of knowledge." -- Kristen Stendahl

National De-Evolution

May 2006

Have we evolved into a nation of La la landers who perceive things as we want them to be, not as they really are? Why would we, with the Senate immigrant bill: 1. Prohibit government employees, under penalty of criminal prosecution from investigating documents used by immigrants to prove that they qualify for bypassing the immigrants choosing to take the legal path to citizenship. What message to the legal immigrants, approximately 200,000 Mexican immigrants per year, do we send. 2. Ignore felonious behavior using forged documents. Do we really care about law and order or is that a passé thing which our forefathers valued and is no longer appropriate in our world 3. Encourage people who are not educated in civics to illegally enter another country for a better life. Mexico is a country rich in resources and tourist attractions, which has chosen not to improve its citizens quality of life to the point where their home is more bearable and appealing. 4. Ignore the effect of the approximately $9,000.00 cost per student for public schooling with poor results, the approximately 25% of California criminals being illegal aliens, the unfair advantage that the illegal immigrant gangsters have over our homegrown gangsters, the ER health care program which has contributed to the closing of 7 emergency rooms in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles where the elected leader states that illegals are not criminals, but that CongressmanJames Sensenbrenner (R - WI). trying to deal with the problem is a criminal. What am I missing when I feel like Californians have their head so far up their rear ends that they should be able to look out through their mouth and see reality? Roger Dawson, an Englishman who taught negotiating, stated that the most effective weapon which can be used in negotiating with an American is, “What do you think is fair?” The people who choose to devalue law and order and quality of citizenship so that they can feel good, will create a different country which we will all live in. A choice to do nothing is a choice. The ability to make a choice to preserve the value of American citizenship diminishes as we choose to not do enough to preserve it. I went into technical trades because I liked doing things which were measurable and objective. I learned vocabularies specific to my endeavors because communication must be accurate to accomplish the trade level tasks. I found that there are analogies between the different disciplines of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and circuits. It seems that we would do well to play less with our language and take responsibility to change the results of our actions rather than deny the results by blurring our vocabulary to make us feel good when we make illogical choices based on feelings rather than facts. If we do not like calling something illegal, let us change it so that we recognize reality rather than pretending that life is wonderful by ignoring the real meaning of words and what they describe. Each generation of Americans, in general, has had a better life with less sacrifice than the previous generation. I believe that that has caused us to lose site of the reference points upon which our country was built. We have lost some of our self sufficiency and become vulnerable to retirement, healthcare, education issues which a lot of us feel that the government should solve for us. It seems to me that the government’s interference in these matters has contributed to the problems as much as it has dealt with them. THE MISSION OF THIS WEBSITE IS THE FIRST STEP IN PROBLEM SOLVING----- ESTABLISHING THE FACTS PARTICIPANTS ARE ON THEIR OWN FOR CONCLUSIONS There are several very important areas where we hear different, conflicting “facts” depending on the source. This website is here to help identify the DECEIVERS and establish the truth so that we may more accurately define the issues. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.” -- Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan It is often said that defining the problem is half of the battle. Establishing the truth and collecting accurate information is the basic step needed in order to define the problem. I hear a lot of emotional arguments and think of a quote, "The opinion of 10000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject." Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 121-180 AD The information on this site will be a compilation of information from others. The validity of an entry may be challenged by the submission of a fact challenging or disproving the validity of an entry and that fact, after verification, will replace the invalid entry. This is intended to be a dynamic, evolving site. If you get too emotional over the substantiable facts presented on this site to participate, it may indicate that the UK's Mirror printed Michael Moore's observation of Americans: "They are the dumbest people on the face of the earth...in thrall to conniving, thieving, smug pricks...We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance. We don't know about anything that's happening outside our country. Our stupidity is embarrassing." (1) has some truth to it. It may even apply to us relative to what is happening within our country. I have chosen the immigration issue as my first category because it is a transition for our country. American citizens have a busy life and pay attention to what is grabbing us at the moment. We do not get involved in something that is not directly affecting us. There are prohibitions to collecting data so that we can analyze the immigration situation, draw a logical conclusion and formulate a plan. We would have a better ability to decide on a choice in the range of ceding California to Mexico, building a fence and manning it with our military or helping Mexico develop its country and raising its people’s standard of living. This is a very complex issue where drug traffickers and coyotes, better armed than our law enforcement agencies, go relatively unchallenged and a citizen group doing the job that our elected officials will not do is called vigilantes and followed by the ACLU desperately searching for something negative. This very complex issue affects our future financial well being and our national security. Why do both parties not care enough to solve the problem which the polls show is a major concern to a large number of US citizens. One of the possibilities is that our terror fighting politicians are terrified of the drug cartels because they see what happens to Mexicans who want to clean up their country. It could also be that the organizations fighting drugs and dealing with social programs used by low income people provide a large number of well paid positions to make the economy do better. It could be that politicians pander for voters and payoffs by doing something to the detriment of the country that they are sworn to serve. I have no idea. In the trades, we learn a vocabulary so that there is clear, concise communication. The liberal arts people might not live in a world which requires that clear of a communication and words like illegal alien can be substituted with better feeling words like undocumented immigrant or surreptitious immigrant. I understand that people want to feel good, but an important decision like our border is not unlike passionate intercourse. It feels incredibly good during the moment and you are not down to earth, but if you conceive, you live with the reality of your decision to do it for a long, long time. I believe that we need to worry less about how an accurate description feels than the results created by the reality described by those accurate words. We can choose to change our laws, but our citizens are the ones with the right to do what they want with our country, not someone who has not been screened and educated to qualify to legally immigrate to the US. To do otherwise is our choice and we can give control of portions of our country to a minority group who leaves a resource rich country which cannot support its population because of its government and let them make our country like they want it to be. Is our country a magnet for these people in spite of what we have created or because of what we have created? The majority of these people are good people seeking a better life like our forefathers. The American Indian could not enforce their sovereignty and look where they ended up after failing to do it. Most countries, including Mexico, screen immigrants in light of what they can contribute to the country. Why would Americans complain about our gas prices and cost of living and ignore the acquisition of a financial burden to support millions of poor people? If we do not take care of our country, how will our country take care of others. Is there a more generous, dollar wise, country in the world? One basic component of the illegal alien issue is education. If it costs over $9,000.00 per student for students in California schools and a family has two children in school, is there a net gain for the state or do the citizens of the state need to contribute enough in taxes to support education, medical and social assistance in addition to the taxes paid by that family? What is the average income tax paid by that family? Take the overall effect of millions of illegal aliens and think about absorbing a mass of people with limited English and knowledge of the effect of using the subsidies available to low income people. A large voting population taking advantage of social assistance could conceivably burden the state budget to the point where income tax rates need to be raised or Proposition 13 is attacked so that property taxes can be raised to pay for the programs. Of the approximately 7000 aliens naturalized in Los Angeles in the spring of 2006, the majority were Mexican per a news release showing that we do have a process for immigration. Our state demographics include a wide variety of national backgrounds who are homeowners, business owners and public employees. The effect of a decision to feel good while we ignore the cost could put us on the road to not being able to take care of our citizens who need assistance. Congressman J. D. Hayworth states that we allow 210,000 legal immigrants per year. This is not an ethnic issue. We will make decisions (a decision to do nothing or not pay attention to this matter is a decision) regarding this matter and it will affect our country. An accurate depiction of the effects of immigration might even lead to a solution not yet proposed. Doing more of what doesn't work, doesn't work. Let us find a positive place to go and take the first step to get there. We can do more great things for others if we preserve the good things which we have inherited from our forefathers.

How Do We Handle Attacks?

May 2006

HOW DO WE HANDLE ATTACKS AGAINST OUR COUNTRY AND IT’S ASSETS – WHAT MESSAGE DO WE SEND TO THE WORLD? 1977 TO 1981 JIMMY CARTER Nov 1979 - Attack on US Embassy in Tehran. Military Islamic students take 44 US hostages. 1980-82 - Various incidents of kidnapping and murder of Americans through Middle Eastern nations; particularly Bharain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. 1981 TO 1989 RONALD REAGAN 1980-82 - Various incidents of kidnapping and murder of Americans through Middle Eastern nations; particularly Bharain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. April 1983 - Vehicle loaded with high explosive driven into US Embassy compound in Beirut, Lebanon. Detonation kills 63. October 1983 - Truck loaded with 2,500 pounds of TNT (gas enhanced) smashes into Marine Barracks in Beirut. 241 killed; three times that many wounded. September 1984 - Another truck bomb at the new American embassy in Beirut. 11 more killed. April 1985 - Bomb detonated in bar frequented by US soldiers and sailors in Madrid, Spain. 4 killed, many wounded. August 1985 - VW loaded with explosives driven into main gate of Rhein-Main Air Force Base in Germany. 22 killed. October 1985 - Cruise ship Achille Lauro hijacked at sea. American Jew Leon Klinghoffer is selected from the hostages because of his religion and executed while in his wheelchair. April 1986 - TWA Flight 840 bombed. 4 killed. May 1988 - PanAm Flight 103 destroyed by a bomb in mid-air over Lockerbie, Scotland. 259 killed. 1989 TO 1993 GEORGE H. W. BUSH January 1993 - Two CIA Agents shot and killed by Islamic militant sniper outside CIA headquarters at Langley, VA. 1993 TO 2001 WILLIAM J. CLINTON February 1993 - Truck bomb detonated in parking garage of World Trade Center in NYC. Six killed; more than 1,000 wounded. RANGERS/DELTA FORCE OPERATION IN Mogadishu, Somalia on 10/3/93 after which, per the 911 Report, Osama Bin Laden said that al Queda was dug in for the long haul and the US ran November 1995 - Car bomb detonates at US MIlitary Complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Seven killed. June 1996 - Barracks Complex at Khobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arbia bombed and destroyed. 19 killed; 500 wounded. 1999-2000 - Coordinated attacks on embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. 224 killed. October 2000 - USS Cole attacked and damaged by suicide boat-bomb attack while on port visit in Aden, Yemen. 17 American sailors killed. GEORGE W. BUSH September 2001 - Attacks by hijacked commercial airliners on twin towers of World Trade Center and the Pentagon. More than 3,000 Americans killed.

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